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Continuing from the last thread - I know that grades and MCAT scores are important for entrance. I´m most concerned about the interview because even with high enough grades, the med school is going to want to see how YOU yourself is unique from the hundreds of other candidates who have also received high enough marks.

What are these unique aspects that med schools are looking for?

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There is something you have to understand about how things work. All med schools in Canada are public schools, not like in the states who also have private schools. Med schools here cannot afford to play favortism when accepting students. They don´t accept you if daddy has contributed millions of dollars to the univeristy and you´re a good kid who wears polo shirts and is a member of the local yacht club. What they rely on the most is your GPA and MCAT scores usually >3.7 and 34+ respectively. So make sure you make this cut-off and realize that the harder your major, the harder it will be to have a GPA >3.7. You´ll notice that some health science degrees are more intensive than others. I suggest you chose one that you think you´re good at and has more elective than others so you can take joke classes to boost your GPA. For example, physiology tends to be easier with more electives than biochemistry. Other than that, the rest will depend on your reasons for wanting to go to university. This I cannot help you with and you´ll have to figure that out on your own. I suggest doing communitiy service or some research on the side, but only so much that it will not affect your grades. Remember if you don´t get the grades, they won´t consider you app!

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