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Subject: Indian students
Canadian and American Universities including some research
institutes are giving too much freedom for Indians. India is
somehow in a good economic condition to sustain the population of the country. But, their population tends to immigrate mostly in the form of international students. Once they came to Canada and USA, they occupy
key areas and become problematic to foreign
and native students. International student areas are being
dominated by these students from India. I have seen many of
them are really cruel. I am directly or indirectly affected by Indian students or researchers. I do not know what to do with these students. One way will be to be careful with the immigration so that mobilization of these people will be controlled. The way they cross border areas is also becoming very unclear. If they were real ones, who come to North America with confidence and defined objectives, they wouldn´t have created a problem. I am addressing this issue to native students and University administrators to have some controlling way on Indians basically in a University and affilated institutes. Many of us hate North America not only because of native students, but also non natives are causing the major problems. From my experiences, non natives are the main cause for disturbance of international students by various means. I think this will be helpful comment if such a case do exist and other students complain so that the role of international students in social and academic areas will be uniform.

Come again? (in reply to: Indian students)
What in the world are you talking about? Natives, non-natives, India, cruel Indians? Put down that reefer, man.

Are you, by any chance, hassled that some Indian kid, with his funny accent, is kicking your butt academically? Are you troubled that he will go on to a decent paying job, while you smoke pot?

At the very least, try to have some clarity in your posts. Use terminology appropriately - that way, we can figure out whether your beef is with South East Asians or citizens of First Nations.

(in reply to: Indian students)
some indians are pretty cool, don´t just make fun of them because they´re smarter than you
(in reply to: Indian students)
It appears when he says indians he means the south asian indians. Native seems to refer to domestic students, If I guess correctly, even though technically they aren´t really natives since they´re just descendants of europeans.

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