York alumnus Steve MacLean safely back on Earth

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Subject: York alumnus Steve MacLean safely back on Earth
York alumnus Steve MacLean safely back on Earth
TORONTO, September 21, 2006 -- Lorna Marsden, President and Vice-Chancellor of York University issued the following statement on the safe return to Earth of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

?Today is a day of triumph and celebration. On behalf of the entire York University community − our students, alumni, faculty, and staff − I want to congratulate Steve MacLean for his exemplary work as a member of the Space Shuttle Atlantis crew. During this mission into space, his efforts went far beyond that of an astronaut. He is an ambassador for our university, a role model for our country, and a hero to everyone who believes in progress, research and discovery. Although Steve?s accomplishments on Atlantis and the International Space Station were closely documented over the past few days, his preparations began many years ago. We are proud that Steve, as an alumnus of York, was able to exercise the full extent of his education and experience in performing what only a very few will ever get to do − represent the best that this world has to offer, while improving the future in this world for all of us. Steve − all of us at York University are so very proud of you.?


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