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"UOIT?s viral marketing at work in this thread. Funny how the "first replier" shares the same writing style, mistakes and all, of OP. If this is real, run, don?t walk, run away from a non-accredited engineering program. York engineering has a higher cut off rate than that, and except for the odd astronaut (who?s RCAF trained), they aren?t noteworthy. If you want intimate engineering classes go to Ryerson. If you have the grades, go to any of the other schools you mentioned. Let someone else be UOIT?s beta tester. And save your ripoff laptop fees."

I totally resent this comment because I am the first replier. And this is not a marketing scheme, it is an person asking an honest question (which i though is what this forum was made for). I never said come to UOIT because it was the best, they have great teachers but we are a new school and i can feel the stigma! So go where-ever you would like, no biggy. If you can get into UofT, Mac, Western Engineering then go. I am not an Engineering Student, I am a nursing student but I have friends in engineering at UOIT and they love it, but I also know that, that is them and not everyone else.


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