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Subject: Queen's MBA #1 in BusinessWeek
MBA repeats #1 BusinessWeek ranking
Friday October 13, 2006

Queen??s MBA has been ranked #1 for the second time in a row by BusinessWeek magazine??s influential biannual ranking of MBA programs outside the US, with five Canadian schools dominating the top ten. The announcement was made today at 5:00 p.m. (Eastern time). The last time the ranking was released by the US publication, in 2004, Queen??s School of Business also commanded the top spot.

??[At Queen??s School of Business] the workload is intense, but personal attention from professors is second to none,?? said BusinessWeek in an online report of the rankings.

BusinessWeek??s methodology involves scoring the results of questionnaires answered by more than 200 business school recruiters (45% weighting) and 9000 graduating MBA students (45% weighting), as well as an analysis of ??intellectual capital?? that comes from faculty publications in 18 key academic and practitioner journals (10% weighting).

The BusinessWeek ranking focuses on what really matters ?? that our students and the people who hire them think Queen??s MBA is best in class,?? said David Saunders, Dean of Queen??s School of Business. ??For years we??ve been proud to share the limelight with some of the best business schools in the world, and 2006 is no exception.??

The Top 10 business schools outside of the US as ranked by BusinessWeek magazine are:

1. Queen??s School of Business (#1 in 2004)
2. University of Western Ontario ?C Ivey (#6 in 2004)
3. University of Toronto ?C Rotman (#9 in 2004)
4. IMD (#2 in 2004)
5. London Business School (#5 in 2004)
6. INSEAD (#3 in 2004)
7. ESADE (#4 in 2004)
8. IESE (#7 in 2004)
9. York University ?C Schulich (not ranked in 2004)
10. HEC Montreal (#10 in 2004)

Queen??s School of Business recently announced the evolution of its full-time MBA program by becoming the first in Canada to provide participants with an academic experience customized to their personal needs. Along with a new core curriculum, each student in the program will be assigned a personal development coach, career coach, team facilitator, personal trainer and academic advisor to help realize their individual goals.

??We are very excited to offer this unprecedented level of customization to develop exceptional business leaders,?? said Shannon Goodspeed, Director, Queen??s MBA.

The complete results of BusinessWeek??s 2006 business school rankings are now available online at www.businessweek.com/bschools and will be published in the magazine??s next issue.

About Queen??s School of Business:
Queen´s School of Business (business.queensu.ca) is one of the world??s premier business schools, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees and non-degree executive education programs. Programs include: Queen´s full-time MBA ranked #1 in the world outside the US by BusinessWeek magazine; Queen??s-Cornell Executive MBA, Queen´s Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates, and Queen??s Executive MBA ?? each offered by videoconference in cities across Canada ?? and Queen??s Ottawa Executive MBA; the largest offering of open enrolment executive development programs in the country, ranked among the world??s top-25 by Financial Times (UK) and BusinessWeek; Queen??s Bachelor of Commerce, renowned for its rigorous entrance standards; and Queen??s MSc and PhD in Management programs, which produce leading researchers for industry and academe.

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Queen´s no.1 ?? This ranking is just a joke!

Would you believe that?

I would say Western > Queen´s

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HEC montreal is tenth?

hahahha, stop the madness. HEC paris is not even there and it is ten times better.

I am sorry but this ranking is pure shit.

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The outcome of this ranking does not surpise me.

Where do rich parents send their kids? Queen´s. Who answers these questionaires? Their parents. How do to these kids spend their parents hard earned money? Climbing greese polls wearing kilts and making love to sheep.


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I dont think business students are going to be leaders of tomorrow.

Business is for fools.

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^ You know what? Queen´s wanna be the Harvard of Canada. It just accepts students with good family backgrounds and social networks.
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LOL, Queen´s has a long way to go to be the Harvard of Canada. Can it even be considered in the top 5 in Canada? It may have 1st place in Playsheep Magazine and the 5th spot in Maclean´s, but it is not even in the top 5 in THES, Newsweek, SJTU, or Research Infosource. Is there any hope for our drunken kilt-wearing friends in Kingston?
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^ The answer is no.

Queen´s is a paris hilton school. Famous for nothing.

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sounds like everyone´s a little jealous...

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