To be exact, UofT student population 70,143

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Subject: To be exact, UofT student population 70,143
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Established in 1827, the University of Toronto is Canada?? largest university, recognized as a global leader in research and teaching. U of T?? distinguished faculty, institutional record of groundbreaking scholarship and wealth of innovative academic opportunities continually attract outstanding students and academics from around the world. U of T is committed to providing a learning experience that benefits from both a scale almost unparalleled in North America and from the close-knit learning communities made possible through its college system and academic divisions. Located in and around Toronto, one of the world?? most diverse regions, U of T?? vibrant academic life is defined by a unique degree of cultural diversity in its learning community.The University is sustained environmentally by three green campuses, where renowned heritage buildings stand beside award-winning innovations in architectural design.

70,143 students (62,097 full-time), 11,807 faculty and staff and 422,000 alumni


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