What's happening to computer science?

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Subject: What's happening to computer science?
I was recently on the Ontario Universities key peformance indicator website, and I was thinking of going for computer science, or IT managment at Ryerson. But I not sure if I want to go into computer science now since most computer science majors are having difficulities securing a job. Take a look at the University of Waterloo for example. 93% of graudates got a job in six months in 2000, now its dropped down to 83%. Ryerson university´s IT managmeent program has a 93% placement rate as of last yr.

I am not sure whatever or not if I should go to computer science or IT managment. I like to do business with computers together, and do a little bit of programming, but I want to make sure I can find a job after graduation. Also can anyone tell me what schools are good for both IT and computer science. Thank you.


Thats the website where I got my info

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Well, like usual, we can blame the Dot-com bubble for bursting, leave us with an IT workforce filled with some people who like computers and those who were in it for the money trying to get one of the highly coveted jobs that survived the crash.

Jobs are growing, just not at a supremely high rate. I say if you really like working with computers, stick with it. There are jobs out there. They may or may not be where you want geographically but there are jobs. If you are interested in other fields, you may consider them but I reccomend following what you enjoy or you might end up regretting your decision in the future.

Just don´t expect to get rich quick like the people back in the day did. Those days are long gone. Living comfortably, yes. Living lavishly... haha!


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