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Subject: Think about it!
So I´m sure you have all heard of fraternities and sororities but have you ever considered joining one? Remember what the media and television shows is far from the truth.... sometimes Anyway if you have never thought of joining a fraternity I think you should at least check a few out before saying NO. I joined Zeta Psi in my first year and it has been one of the best decisons of my life! Fraternities and soririties are undergoing a bit of a boom in recent years with more chapters speading across the country.
Check these sites out for information on my fraternity.. the oldest and largest in Canada! As well as one of the oldest and most presitgious in the USA

Or.... check out this site, it contains all the current active fraternities and sororities in Canada listed by school, or by organization

Post any questions here, and I will be more then happy to answer!

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Sounds good.
I will think about it...

Jack trbosek

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