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Subject: Application
Im an international student applying for next year,
if i have to apply thru OUAC for going to ryerson or UofT, what about if i want to apply to other universities in canada as in Manitoba or alberta, do i have to do other application form? Where can i find those application forms?

List of Candian Universities (in reply to: Application)
Here is a list of all Canadian Universities, so you can contact them directly and find out:

i will like to get a form (in reply to: Application)
Pls i will like to know the requirements to get a form to register in one of the universities in ontario canada.
Thanks in anticipation,

victor onuoha
need to know how to apply (in reply to: Application)
Please sir,
I will like to know how i will get the form to apply into the universities in ontario.
Thanks in anticipation,

martins soko
(in reply to: Application)
I have applied for one Univeristy in Ontario and see that you have to:

- Pay a cheque of $60 (Canadian Dollar) to the Ontario University Application Center Office (
- After they receive your money order, they will give you access into their web database to select study programs in Ontario Universities. (You can select up to 3)
- After that, you have to go to the website of the Universit(y/ies) that you applied to to fill in their required forms and sumbit your marks.
- The university staff will decide to give you admission and scholarship or not.
- Then you can follow their instruction afterward.

You only have to register to the OUAC office if you want to register in an Ontario Univeristy, I´m not sure if you have to do the same in other provinces. In Saskatchewan, where I live, you just need to apply to the university.

For the complete list of all univeristy in Canada, I advise you to read this list to make up your choice:

prospectus for computer sciences (in reply to: Application)
i want take admission in candian university for MS in computer sciences plz provide me a prospectus

14, st# 08 model town taxila rawalpindi pakistan

Application and Prospectus (in reply to: Application)
Dear sir
i would like a copy of your prospectus and an application form for the 2008/2009 academic year. My contact adress is as follows

NRDC/ZEGA training trust
PO Box 310241

Thanking you in anticipation

Hamakuni Lubaba
Application form and Prospectus (in reply to: Application)
Dear Sir,

please would you kindly send me an application form and a prospectus for the 2008/2009 academic year,my contact adress is:

C/o Mr Mushipi
PO Box CH 30128

choongo mushipi
Need Info About Study in Canada (in reply to: Application)
Respected sir
i am yasir i have to come to canada for higher education in electronics i complete my BS(ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING), 2.41CGPA from sir syed university karachi pakisan so please help me in to get higher education in canada

Yasir Ahmed Siddique
student visa information (in reply to: Application)
tell me about student visa application form and what are the requirements for it.
thank you
Furqan Iqbal

Furqan Iqbal

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