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Is anyone else having as confusing time as i am applying for a student loan. I´m supposed to calculate how much savings i´ll have 4 month before first day of classes and how much my tuition and books are going to cost me. I´ve got my school calendar but it tells me nothing of the cost of my course. does tuition change per course? How do i find out how much but books are going to cost. and with my savings to i just guestimate. part-time at a minimum wage. do 7.5 times 20hour times 4weeks times 4 months. Then what, subtract taxes. How do you figure it all out.
Aproximate calculation (in reply to: student loans)
Courses are about $500 per course and books are about $60.00 per course. So if you take five courses:
$2500 = 5x500
+$300 = 5x60
$2800 is your total

This is approximate calculation.

student loans (in reply to: student loans)
so is that what i´m supposed to do. really just give an approximate. estimate what all my cost are going to be. it seems so unsure of a way to do things especailly dealing with needs and money.
Sure (in reply to: student loans)
As long as you are not too much off. You should be fine.

Order Minister of Finance to set-off your loan (in reply to: student loans)
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