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Subject: Ignore mcgill fanboy
I have been to their career fairs. The same companies as Concordia. Do not listen to his propaganda.

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really? cool

but what´s concordia?

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hahahaha you see... ignorant piece of shit! I´m not talking to career fairs in Montreal (mainly local) open to everyone... I´m talking ACTIVE recruiting! and no...you don´t see the same ones because they don´t know Concordia, I´m talking about Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, GE, etc etc
If you want to work outside of Canada you need a name they recognize... McGill is definitely the one.

Good luck retard...

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Okay, I went to the management careeer fair and stop spreading lies. you know you lie.

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No company is that stupid to recruit from one university over another. There´s talent at every university. The McGill fanboy will never be a manager with his ignorance.

The McGill brand is better known in N. America, but the Molson brand is better known than Desautels brand in N. America.

Most Canadians and Americans know the Molson-Coors brand more than the McGill name, so your argument about Concordia´s Molson business school being unknown is false.

Coors = Molson-Coors = $5 Billion Multinational Company = Eric Molson (Chairman of Molson-Coors) = John Molson School of Business (JMSB) = Concordia Unviersity (Montreal)

Go check out Page 59 of the 2007 John Molson MBA Profile Book. All the top Fortune 500 companies recruit Concordia MBA graduates.


McGill fanboy is insecure about his own school. He´s scared that a John Molson grad will be hired over him. Poor baby!

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good god, your logic is so retarded that i don´t even know where to start

we´re talking about institutions here, not beer brands. north americans know molson as a beer brand, not a business school. if anything, i´d rather not have a beverage brand as the name of my business school. if someone told me about a Coca-Cola business school i´d laugh my ass off and not take that school seriously. you´re completely delusional if you think JMSB has even a speck of McGill´s reputation outside of Montreal.

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Have you ever heard of Kellogg? Go check where the cereal branded business school ranks. I´m sure it´s much higher than McGill´s Desautels business school. Who the fuck is Desautels anyway???

McGill´s mistake was not taking Schulich´s money several years ago to rename their business school. Now, York´s Schulich ranks much higher than McGill´s weak business school.

Many in Toronto already think Schulich is the best B-school in Ontario.

It´s just a matter of time before JMSB is known as the better business school in Canada over McGill.
Time will tell McGill fanboy.

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Kellogg was founded in 1908 and is well established. it is also a part of a prestigious university, Northwestern.
on the other hand, JMSB is part of a reject school, Concordia. it is also not well established. just imagine the reactions of ppl who first hear about this business school, named after a beer company, and is part of this "concordia" school they´ve never heard of. honestly, if i were them, i´d laugh my damn ass off.

when did schulich attempt to donate anything to McGill? provide a link please.

and buddy, i think McGill is satisfied with the 22 million Desautels donated, which happens to be the largest amount ever given to a canadian business school (larger than Schulich´s to York). And Schulich has also done good things for McGill, donating 20 million to our music school, again, the largest ever given to a music school.

yeah, Schulich is a great business school. and it´s funny you talk about rankings, and tying that in with McGill having a weak business school. weak? McGill is regularly top 5 in Canada based on FT, Forbes, etc., and where is Concordia? if this makes Desautels weak, then what do we make of JMSB? your damn school isn´t even in the ranking!! you really are a dumbass aren´t you.

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OHHHH Mcgill fanboy getting his ass kicked.

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Hey retard.

when you write FT, Forbes, etc

Your ETC = 0

There is no ETC... fucking tard.

show me this forbes ranking... give me a link.

From what I know, the only good rating for Mcgill is in FT and the school is behind all the bigger ontario schools. In business week, your school is behind HEC, Schulich, Ivey, rotman, UBC, etc... (ETc... haha)

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Oh, I forgot Queens too. Your school is behind Queens and always will be.

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ranked 4th in Canada

hey moron, you provided me with a great ETC, the business week ranking has McGill 5th or 6th in Canada!

Now, let me ask you again. you like to trash a top 5 business school in the rankings (which shows how incredibly stupid you are), WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR SCHOOL? McGill is top 5, and your JMSB is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!!! so thanks for providing the business week ranking, it shows once again that McGill has an excellent business school while Concordia´s b-school isn´t even considered, what a slap in the face for such a "reputable" b-school.

I never said McGill was better than UBC, Queen´s, or any other b-school. they are all good and i respect them. what i´ve stated before and what i´ll keep stating is that McGill´s b-school is simply better, more reputable than that JMSB piece of crap that happens to be part of the McGill reject farm: Concordia.

i provided a link so it´s time for you to provide the link where Schulich apparently wanted to donate his 20 million to McGill. i have a good feeling you took that straight out of your ass. perhaps you should look in a mirror before calling others "liars".


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