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Subject: McGill is NOT an Accredited Business School
AACSB International accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools, worldwide. Institutions that earn accreditation confirm their commitment to quality and continuous improvement through a rigorous and comprehensive peer review. AACSB International accreditation is the hallmark of excellence in management education.

AACSB International accreditation assures stakeholders that business schools:

Manage resources to achieve a vibrant and relevant mission.
Advance business and management knowledge through faculty scholarship.
Provide high-caliber teaching of quality and current curricula.
Cultivate meaningful interaction between students and a qualified faculty.
Produce graduates who have achieved specified learning goals.

Schools Accredited in Business

University of Alberta (Canada - Alberta)
University of Calgary (Canada - Alberta)

University of British Columbia (Canada - British Columbia)
Simon Fraser University (Canada - British Columbia)

University of Manitoba (Canada - Manitoba)

Brock University (Canada - Ontario)
McMaster University (Canada - Ontario)
University of Ottawa (Canada - Ontario)
Queen´s University (Canada - Ontario)
University of Toronto (Canada - Ontario)
Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada - Ontario)

Concordia University (Canada - Quebec)
HEC Montrell (Canada - Quebec)
University of Laval (Canada - Quebec)

Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada - Newfoundland)
Dalhousie University (Canada - Nova Scotia)
Saint Mary´s University (Canada - Nova Scotia)

McGill´s business school is fucking overrated and not accredited. As a business school, McGill sucks!

Oh, I´m sure McGill fanboy will reply that McGill is better than every school listed above, so it doesn´t need to be accredited. LOL.

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why am I not suprised?
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Schulich Business School, arguably the best business school in the country isn´t on your list. Nor is Western, another top business school. maybe you´re putting a bit too much importance in this AACSB accreditation. nonetheless, McGill IS accredited by the AUCC (Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada). so stick that up your reject ass.

Now again, please tell me where JMSB is on any business school ranking, ANY. try Financial Times, Business Week, or Forbes. tell me where the hell is JMSB if it´s so great. that´s right, it´s no where to be seen. not only is JMSB a shitty business school, but it also has no reputation whatsoever. now go to bed reject, you´ve been owned too many times tonight.

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AUCC? We´re talking business schools McGill fanboy. Your really reaching now McGill fanboy. Here´s the Knockout punch:

What is the relationship between AACSB-accreditation and the rankings?

The relationship depends on the particular media ranking and other factors, such as geography. U.S. based programs usually must be delivered by an AACSB accredited institution to be included in rankings.

Outside the U.S., where AACSB has only recently begun to accredit schools, ranked programs can sometimes be delivered by institutions that are not accredited by AACSB.

It is important to note that AACSB accreditation reviews include all the business and management programs of an institution, not just the MBA programs that are usually the focus on media rankings.

Also, accreditation is much more complete in that it examines the mission, strategy, students, faculty, staff, curriculum, and educational outcomes through a comprehensive peer review process. This is in contrast to the media rankings focus on collecting opinions about the programs.

You lose McGill Fanboy. Your business school is NOT accredited by the AACSB. End of Story. McGill sucks in business! You should just change your major, I hear McGill science is pretty good. LOL.

End of this debate. When McGill is an accredited business school, maybe we can continue this debate.

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that´s the knockout punch? bahahaahaha, that´s the aacsb´s opinion on rankings, and i couldn´t give a shit about how they promote their accreditation as if it were better than rankings. people don´t go to the aacsb to see which b-schools are better, in fact the aacsb doesn´t give you any idea of which b-schools are good or not. Rankings DO! AND EVERY RANKING FROM FT, FORBES, BUSINESS WEEK HAS SHOWN THAT MCGILL IS AT LEAST TOP 5 IN CANADA!! WHERE IS CONCORDIA? WHERE??? WHERE???? you like to boast about your "accredited" b-school. thanks for letting us know that you attend a pretty shitty accredited b-school! hahahahaha

I´m reaching with the AUCC?

"Business school accreditation:
AUCC - Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada"

you have a problem with that go speak to Business Week. McGill is accredited thank you.

say wtv you want, but leading publications like FT, BW, Forbes have all shown that McGill is a top business school while Concordia, whether or not it´s accredited by the AACSB, is an AFTERTHOUGHT.

so just shut up reject. seriously, you´re a goddamn pest that won´t go away.

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Financial Times? Nope

Forbes? Nope

Business Week? Nope

How can these McGill rejects say that they even have a "decent" b-school?

They like to bring up some irrelevant accreditation (ACCSB) which proves nothing. Schulich School of Business (York) and Western are both two of the top business schools in the country, yet they aren?t accredited by the ACCSB. Whereas Brock and Memorial University of Newfoundland are! Are we so foolish as to believe that Brock and Memorial have better b-schools than Schulich and Western or McGill?

We have to look at the rankings, and while Concordia is accredited, it?s a shitty accredited b-school. that?s a fact.

where does concordia rank in leading publications such as FT, Forbes or Business Week?

NOWHERE, JMSB is a joke.

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Can you read McGill fanboy? Rankings only look at the full-time MBA aspect of a business school, while excluding all the other programs. The reason why McGill isn´t accredited is because the business school as a whole doesn´t meet AACSB´s standards. This means, McGill´s business school has many flaws.

Great business schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, and Wharton are all AACSB accredited business schools.

McGill is inferior to John Molson. Just face the facts McGill fanboy. McGill made it´s name becuase of its medical school, while their business school is just alright at best.

Concordia is a true business school with about 20% of its student body studying business, while McGill´s business school probably counts for about 5% of its total university student population.

You can´t be serious about comparing a science school -McGill with a true business school - Concordia´s John Molson.

Btw. FT ranked JMSB 81st in the 2005 MBA World rankings, so it´s not like we aren´t on the radar, but really, rankings are for losers.

If people took rankings seriously, then UofT should have a monopoly on all the best students form 1995 - 2004 for being ranked the top university by Maclean´s magazine. You and I know that this just simply isn´t the case.

If McGill can beat us Concordians consistently (over the next few years) in the Commerce Games which comprises of 75 undergraduate business students from each university competing head-to-head in academic competition, then I´ll consider McGill´s b-school better than Concordia´s JMSB.

Until then,

Concordia´s John Molson > McGill´s Desautels

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The forbes ranking is fucking flawed.

You know their methodology is purebly based on Return on investment and its based on survey data... !!! If they do not get adequate replies from a particular school then the school is not ranked at all. Its just nonsense. I dont know the BW methodology but I would not put too much faith in these rankings. For instance, HEc montreal is ranked in the top ten schools outside of US but if you read the BW article on HEC it is all negative. Here are the grades for their program: C, C, C.


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and the top business schools in our country, Schulich and Western are NOT AACSB accredited!!! Yet FT, Forbes, BW have all ranked both schools as well as McGill as top business schools in the country. Clearly, you´re putting way too much importance in the AACSB accreditation. For fucksakes, Brock and Memorial are AACSB accredited, but can we say that they are better b-schools than Schulich, Western or McGill? absolutely not. Look at FT, Forbes, BW, these are leading publications that don´t really give a shit about this AACSB accreditation when they assess the quality of b-schools. after all, they all ranked non-accredited schools (Schulich, Western, McGill) at the top. so why should we care about this AACSB accreditation if they don´t? Rankings, not accreditation, gives us a view of what the top schools are. and unfortunately for you, JMSB is not a top nor a good b-school based on rankings.

wow congrats on placing 81st bahahaha! not surprising since Concordia is a reject school.

Again, plz refrain from mentioning little LOCAL competitions. Come and beat McGill in the real deal, international competitions such as the Innovation Competition where McGill beat Harvard,MIT, Yale, INSEAD, HEC Paris, i need to say every single world-class school that participated again?

when Concordia can do better than 81st (LOLOLOL!!) in b-school rankings, then we´ll talk.

Another thing, when Concordia as a whole can rise up from its last place/ second to last place position in the Maclean´s ranking, then i´ll actually take you seriously. but as of right now, you´re a just reject coming from my school´s reject school.

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hahahahahahaha all of a sudden all rankings are flawed!!

Just because in one year Concordia showed up at the bottom doesn´t mean anything. The 2006 FT rankings are out, where is Concordia?

See you loser!

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"Whereas Brock and Memorial University of Newfoundland are"

Why should that fact Memorial and Brock are on the list detract from the validity of accreditation. They certainly earned it. Just because they´re not a member of an elite club does not mean they can´t offer an excellent education.

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they certainly earned it, but that isn´t saying much. Brock and Memorial might provide excellent b-school educations but I´d be hard pressed to put it in the same league as Schulich, Western, or McGill, which are not AACSB accredited.
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^ The first thing you should know about accrediation is the university has to first seek it. It?s a long complicated process that eats up valuable resources. I don?t know if McGill and Schulich are actively seeking accreditation but I can see if they choose to forgo it if they believe they?re better than the rest. That would be arrogance. From what I?ve seen, this is an American accreditation and not all Canadian schools are on board yet. It may take some time before we see the likes of Schulich and McGill on the list.

Accreditation of b-schools is generally considered optional. It?s not like a medical school or engineering school where if education standards are?t met, people die. The most important aspect of business that?s largely ignored, is business ethics. I don?t see may stadards being set there based on the likes of Enron, Worldcom.


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