Highest Paid Profs = Best Profs ?

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Subject: Highest Paid Profs = Best Profs ?
Profs earning six-figure pay


Most Canadian universities pay their full professors in excess of $100,000 a year on average, with top dollar going to those profs who also handle senior administrative duties, according to a report by Statistics Canada yesterday.

The well-endowed University of Toronto pays the most generous salaries -- an average of $142,115 for full professors with senior administrative duties and $134,680 for those without such duties. The second-richest pay packages are at the University of British Columbia, where full profs with senior administrative duties earn an average of $132,061 a year and those without are paid $123,547 a year.

The averages exclude professors in the medical and dental faculties.


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yeah profs make good money. sometimes you can´t tell because they dress casual in class (sometimes they even look like bums), but they´re actually well-off in reality.
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Actually they´re not that well paid considering how much they had to worked to get into their position:

4 years of undergraduate
6 years of PhD
10-15 years of being heavily underpaid (~$50-80000) being assitant professors or even lower positions.

Then perhaps if you survive pass 50 and you´re still alived, and lucky enough to be promoted to being a professor that could stand on his own feet, then you finally get to the elusive level of >$100,000.

However, everyone be an professor either for the love of teaching or they just made a bad decision with their life. Never for the money.


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