Why York is a low-graded school ?!?!

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Subject: Why York is a low-graded school ?!?!
People has been arguing why York is such a low-graded school. Here are my experience:

York really has issues on accepting too many unqualified China students into the univeristy.

Why I say so? I have so many bad experience to work with them in the classes or on the projects.

Most of them actually do not speak English, write English, or understand English. I understand that it is their second languages but some of them has already been in 4th year but they still have these difficulties ?!?!

I am not sure most of their attitudes when they do a projects. Most of them only show up at the class to find partners on the projects after that they will totally disappear in the classes, or meetings of the projects.

Most of them seems so care about their marks but they seems like to put all the work on the other studens to work on the projects while they just do nothing.

Most of them are extremely lazy; you cannot hold meetings with them in the morning since they may not wake up till 1 pm in the afternoon. Even though you can find them on the meetings, they will keep looking at the clock to express their feelings that they do not want to be there. However, it is also their responsibilities to do something.

So, when you do whatever in this university, you better stay away from most of them; since they will sure make your univerity life bitter and painful.

I hope the university place some more rules on choosing the its students and regularing them if they are in since it really damages the studies atmosphere in this university for other students.

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From reading your post, those Chinese students are not the only ones who have trouble with English.

Your writing is not that much better. Check for grammar mistakes before you post.

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York´s problem is not with just Chinese students who can´t write or speak English; there are many other York students who can´t do the same.

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Same problem happens in UTSC, UTM and UofT.
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The original poster is a UofT kid who is a Schulich reject.

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