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Subject: York's Space Engineering is the best in the nation
Space Engineering
York´s Space Engineering program is the only one of its kind in Canada and educates you in the design, manufacture and integration of space systems, including satellite communication systems, remote sensing technology and scientific payloads, as well as the design and management of complex hardware and data systems.

Space-based systems are now fundamental to the modern world. Familiar examples are the CanadArm, GPS location systems, telecommunication systems, weather monitoring and prediction, scientific observation of Earth and space, and geological prospecting, to name just a few. Canada has a long history of Space Engineering (Canada was the third country in space) and still has an active space program. Many space technology companies are located in Ontario and across the country.

Program Description
Areas of study in the Space Engineering program provide a solid background in space mission and payload design, space communications, space materials and environment along with sensors, and data acquisition, evaluation, processing and analysis.

Excellence In Space Engineering
York??s strengths in Space Engineering include: the Phoenix Scout Mission selected by NASA to go to Mars; SCISAT, the Canadian Space Agency mission to research the ozone layer; the Canadian WINDII instrument on NASA??s Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite; and the Canadian OSIRIS instrument on Sweden??s Odin satellite.

As a student in York´s Space Engineering program you will receive hands on training in leading space technologies, including an opportunity to track spacecraft with the Algonquin Radio Observatory.

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Of course York´s space engineering is the best in the nation.

Its the ONLY one in Canada!! You can say its the best, because it ranks 1 out of 1, or the worst, since it ranks 1 out of 1.


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