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Subject: uvic admissions
i moved to ontario this year, which is also my grade 12 year. i didnt apply to univerisities this year. my first semester was kinda bad. a 67.5% average for bology and english. however, this semester is a lot better. geography, history, sociology and drama.
i want to go to uvic, for buisness, which is generla studies. so if the cut off is 67% for admissions, whats the percent that would most likely gauretee your admission?? i ould get like 76-78% for grade 12.
another thing, is that onario is harder than BC. do universites reconize this?
and if i went to univeristy for business, how hard is it to find a job? do most people finda job if you did well in uni??


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do you have your heart set on uvic?

uvic´s business program is not very well regarded. uvic is not a bad school at all, but most people haven´t heard anything too spectacular about their business program.

ubc´s commerce is hard to get in because they ask for volunteer experience on top of good marks. their commerce program is considered good. sfu´s business program is among the most well-respected one in canada. if you are coming straight from high school to sfu business, you need at least a very high B if not an low A, just to be safe. if you want to get in sfu business with something that´s below a 85%, i must say that is un-heard-of. i don´t know about uvic. uvic´s standards for business are lower than sfu´s for sure. i just don´t know how much lower.


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