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Subject: Ryerson University
is anybody here from ryerson?

i heard their media/communication program is the best in canada? is that true?

is anyone here from that particular program at ryerson?

if not, does anyone live around that area? is the neighbourhood decent? are there lots of crimes going on? i don´t know the city of toronto well, but from the map, ryerson looks like it is in downtown toronto. is that correct?


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yeah its downtown but its kind of a shitty part of downtown. i hear the program is good.
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I´m from Ryerson and I gotta say it´s not as bad as everyone says it is. Everything they teach is practical and the small classroom sizes are great... Only bad thing i can say about it is the Uni´s a poor piece of crap (building is falling apart) and there´s always someone who gets stabbed or shot at least once a month in that area


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