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Subject: John Molson or Deshautels
Hey guys, I´m gonna be apply to University next year... I´m wondering if someone can list maybe the pro´s and cons of each school. I can easily get into both, just confused in which one to pick.
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JMSB only if you get into co-op, otherwise McGill because of their international reputation.


JMSB over McGill only if your fluent in French and plan to stay in Montreal after you graduate.

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John Molson over McGill when John Molson completes their new $120 Million 15 storey business building by summer 2009.

Concordia is a better business school while McGill is better in science.

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Agreed, Concordia is much better than McGill in business. McGill is still relying on the reputation it got when it was the only english biz school in Montreal.
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McGill > John Molson.

Starting salaries after completing studies at McGill have shown to be higher then those who graduate from John Molson.


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