Open your eyes and read this. Then STFU!!

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Subject: Open your eyes and read this. Then STFU!!
York University attracts and grooms some of the most promising students of Canada and has produced the current directors and CEOs of almost all the major banks in Canada (Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, TD Bank, BMO), the largest and most prominent media networks in Canada (CTV, Rogers Communications, CBC), and numerous judges, diplomats, and senior politicians including the current Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Appeal of Canada, the Minister of Finance of Canada, the Attorney General of Ontario, the President of the Privy Council of Canada and the Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations.

Astronaut Steve MacLean was educated at York University in the physics department and later taught there before going to work at NASA.

Canada´s youngest billionaire, Alex Shnaider, is also a graduate of York University.

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Alex Shnaider is from Russia, came to Canada for university, and inherited all his wealth. He´s most notable for having his father´s friends elect him to the head of an investment firm and for flipping a Formula One racing team. He´s a male version of Belinda Stronarch.

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