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Subject: JMSB or DESAUTELS....?
Hi everyone!
I am currently in jmsb (2nd year), going to transfer to mcgill and know will get accepted but confused because I am already in extended credit program and don´t wanna lose more credits.Also, willing to take this risk provided that the other option is definately better. Can somebody give me a really true advice? plzz plzz plzz help me out.

Thank you

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sorry i forgot to tell you guys that i am in undergraduate program.
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Mcgill - better known outside quebec

JMSB - Knonwn as the better business school in Montreal

Dude, it depends where your headed after graduation.

Both schools can get you to Wall St. if your graduate with great distinction along with evidence of leadership qualities.

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Im in the same boat as you (at JMSB and transfering to McGill). To me its a no brainer- I dont really like Concordia all that much.
My question to you is how do you *know* youre going to get into Desautels. ive applied and Im a bit unsure if theyre going to accept me or not. I know they dont take our Concordia GPA as they are because concordia grades on a 4.3 curve and mcgill uses the 4.0 one. I have an 81 average but I still wonder....What qualifies as insurance that youre going to get in?

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I was from McGill´s Desautels and I switched to Concordia´s JMSB because it is superior in all respects.

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My accounting teacher at Abbott, was telling us that smartest thing to do was go to JMSB, then transfer to McGill for a higher degree.
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How can you that jmsb is superior in all respects... would you like to throw some more light on that...

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