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Subject: Schulich vs Queens commerce
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Schulich School of Music??
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schulich school of business
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if you are white or white washed go to queens
if not...schulich

Queens Commerce! (in reply to: Schulich vs Queens commerce)
I was stuck in the same exact situation a few weeks ago and here´s the list of pros and cons of each program. Perhaps this will help

-Its very cheap, and if you live in Toronto, no need to res
-Its very well known for accounting
-Its a growing program
-Their building is very nice. They invest $104M on that thing

-Their MBA dropped close to 30 ranks this year
-There´s no school spirit or sense of community
-Not well known for anything else besides accounting
-If you´re in iBBA you can´t transfer to Ivey (They design it so you take the prereq. for Ivey in 3rd year of Schulich)
-First year will be a lot of work!
-Very small alumni compared to Queens or Ivey

-Very reputable
-Well known for finance, accounting and management
-Excellent school spirit + community
-Commerce Society (student government) has a $1M budget to organize competitions and challenges for students. *Queens invest A LOT of money into Commerce
-HUGE alumni
-A lot of jobs offered during internship

-Kingston doesn´t have a lot, especially compared to Toronto
-Its quite expensive
-Almost everyone there is white, so if you´re not white, you might feel like a minority

Hope this helps!


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