Management program for Mcgill and Concordia.

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Subject: Management program for Mcgill and Concordia.
Let me start off by saying that this forum has been extremely helpful. I am currently attending Cegep, and will soon begin my third semester there. I am in Commerce, and i would like to go into management in University. I am situated in Quebec, so the Universities that i plan to attend later on will either be Mcgill or Concordia. I have heard much talk around these forums, and from people in general, that Concordia has the better business program. However, Mcgill is more known internationally, and my father strongly believes that Mcgill is the better school, so he wants me to go there. He will not pay for my education if i go to Concordia. I on the other hand, do not know what to think anymore. Should i go to Concordia since it is supposedly better for business, or Mcgill because of its reputation. More importantly, I have read alot on the subject of requirements and whatnot. People on this forum seem to suggest that Univercities primarily look at your overall r-score. For instance, if Mcgill or Concordia require and r-score of 26 to get into management, and you have a 29, then you will most likely get in. If this information were correct, than i would be fine because i have an r-score of 29. However, i spoke with my guidance councellor at my school, and he told me that the requirements for the Mcgill management program were that you needed a 26 overall r-score, a 26 overall r-score in Math, and a 24 overall r-score in english. So far, i have a 29 overall r-score, a 24.9 r-score in Calculus 1, and a 30 r-score in english. My guidance councellor told me that they will not accept me because of my math r-score. However, i will be taking Calculus 2 next semester, and i will work my ass off to get at least a 26 overall r-score in math. My question is, what are my chances of being accepted into the Mcgill management program if they require a 26 overall, 26 in math, 24 in english, while i have a 29 overall, 24.9 in math, and 30 in english. Is my guidance councellor correct in concluding that they "will certainly not accept me because of my math mark"?

Thank you all in advance.


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