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We plan to set up a program called Date with China. It will be a wonderful program that will have a deep influence on the Canadian youth. The meaning of this program is beyond our description.
Here is the details of the program.
For 30 days motivated high school students will gather from to live, study, play, and travel together in China, exploring a different culture and lifestyle. These students will experience both the traditions and changes that make China so distinctive and so important. They will participate in a program that is unique among opportunities for study and travel in China because of its depth and the variety of ways it enables students to understand what they see.
The international community of students will choose from a wide variety of courses, allowing them to gain an understanding of some of the key controversial topics that are at the forefront of the changes sweeping through China and to appreciate the deep traditions and history that underlie everything that happens in China.
Students will work with a young generation of academicians selected from leading universities and undertake frequent field studies to investigate for themselves the key issues discussed in classes. Through extensive opportunities to meet and talk with a wide range of Chinese in and around Shanghai, from artists, businessmen, government officials, to ordinary workers, and by visiting homes, workplaces, and neighborhoods, students will compare what they learn in class with what they experience themselves. This combination of high-level academic instruction, investigative learning, discussion and debate, and broad interaction with the Chinese is what makes the Date with China program unique.
Mandarin Tutorials made up of two to four students with similar abilities will allow students to begin, develop, or hone their skills in Mandarin.
Arts Appreciation Workshops will provide an experiential introduction to Chinese aesthetics through exposure to a variety of Chinese arts from calligraphy, painting, music, folk dances, and regional cuisines to martial arts.
Besides getting to know Shanghai well, students will visit major historical and cultural sites in Suzhou, Hangzhou, and an authentic, traditional water-town in the Yangzi Valley. Participants will see some of China??s finest architecture in Suzhou??s gardens, and sense for themselves how Chinese landscape, architecture, painting, poetry, and philosophy come together.
Students will share and compare their experiences with each other, but perhaps most importantly, they will be able to talk in depth with college students from top Chinese and Canadian universities who will serve as Teaching Assistants. Students will get to know Chinese students from some of the best high schools who will participate in the program and host optional homestays.
Learning, seeing, talking, listening, experiencing, traveling, and discussing ?C students will emerge from their four weeks in China with a different view of the country and perhaps of themselves. For some, this will have been their first encounter with China, and they will return home with much to ponder. Some, whose families came from China, will be fascinated by seeing first-hand what is Chinese in China today and, as a result, discovering more about what is Chinese about themselves. Perhaps for some the greatest reward will have been the friendships established with other participants and with Chinese students they got to know. Regardless of the respective backgrounds of the students, Date with China will be a meeting place for some of the brightest and most interesting students and will be remembered and valued for the rest of their lives.
Date with China is not a typical four-week leisure tour of China. Nor is it a language immersion program where mastery of the language is the primary objective. Our goal is to widen the perspectives of students, to encourage them to think beyond superficiality, and ultimately to prepare them for a culturally diverse global living and working environment.
But now we need a partner from Canada. We hope you are an educator or teacher which is very helpful for this program. If you have the interest, please contact us without any hesitation.
Phone:+86 13524408803

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