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Subject: How to obtain referees?
Hi! I completed my master´s degree in Toronto. I tried to obtain referees from my former professors and only one professor has accepted to be my referee. It seems the professors do not have any obligation about that. Because it is a requirement to obtain three referees JUST TO APPLY for a position in my field, I do believe the Canadian universities should oblige the University professors to give referees to any student who completed their program with success, no matter their race, origin and so on. It is 100% unfair to refuse or ignore a student. I suspect my professors have ignored or refused me because I am French Canadian. What else it could be? For sure, I do not pretend I was an exceptional student, but I was a good/serious/honest student. So, in my case, there is no reason except ´unfair competition´ from the professors who dont want to help a French Canadian to get a good job. I think every student has the right to obtain a job in this country, especially after spending over 5 years at the university and over $40,000.00, is´nt? I also think this requirement of 3 referees is against the equity if the University professors have the choice to accept or refuse to say the truth about a student. Finally, I do believe I should be rewarded a bit for my English skills. It was so hard for me to do my master´s degree in English. It is NOT my fault if I grew up in a small town in Quebec and had NO opportunity to speak English. So, I do believe I did something very exceptional in terms of personal achievement, especially because I did it at 40 years old. Why those professors are not able to appreciate it? Why they are scared to say the truth?

O.K. I agree that the University professors should have MAY BE the right to accept or refuse anyone, but, in that case, THE EMPLOYERS should not have the right to ask 3 referees to apply for a position. What do you think, I mean, if you were in my situation, what you will do?

a) sue the employers, based on the lack of equity (too much time)
b) accuse and sue the professors, based on race (too much time)
c) try to persuade the professors to change their mind (I dit it many times)
d) just complain, complain, complain and do nothing (NOT my style)
e) participate in different forums (I did it and still doing this)
f) other (if you have any constructive idea, it´s time)

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Post this on You will get many responses. But some will bash you. haha

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