I went to Ryerson and I regret it

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Subject: I went to Ryerson and I regret it
I did my undergrad in engineering at Ryerson. Ryerson sucks. Reasons.

1 - I want to do research in renewable energy I had to go to Uoft To do a internship.
2 - I wanted to take a course at UofW and transfer while on at a job, Ryeron felt the course was not at the same level 0_0 which is bs.
3 - no resources a 90 million dollar building with nothing.
4 - retarded student unions etc.
5 - more money spent on bs degrees (Philosophy, all basic arts, fashion(who all end up at H&M) and that radio crap.

I can go on forever.

So all I have to say is if you want a good future in engineering and you go to Ryerson you are going to have to work so hard it will almost kill you...most likely you will fail and end up as a teacher.

PS UofT sucks just as much for undergrad for different reasons, because in the end Grad studies is all that matters and our schools mean f all when we apply.

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your quite the dumbass obviously, Ryerson isnt a university for engineering im sorry, and all those "bs" programs are the ones you go there for. Ryerson is good with specific programs such as journalism and tv&radio, also, how can you hate on UofT?
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He hates UofT because he didn´t get in. That´s why he went to Ryerson but tried taking courses at other schools. Since he doesn´t go to UofT his opinion on that school is worthless. Given that he claims to have knowledge about a school he couldn´t get into, chances are his opinions about Ryerson are equally worthless. He sounds like someone not doing well in school who´s looking to blame anyone but himself.
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Wow you have jumped to conclusions. So getting accpeted to do my masters is not getting accpeted eh. And hating on UofT I was hating on the undergrad. Your probably both a bunch of undeclared arts haha. Plus retards we agree on the fact not to go to Ryerson for engineering that was my Fing point where did you learn to read.
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So you got in to do your masters... congrats on maintaining a B+ average, which coupled with a bank account and references will get you in anywhere.

Sorry but I doubt Ryerson was your first choice. Sounds more like sour grapes. Funny that you hate your own school for undergrad but assume a higher-ranked school is worse because..... why? Because it has chicks studying the arts? That doesn´t bother many engineering students at UofT. It´s actually one of the appeals.


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