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Subject: Help Needed plz
I studying at university of windsor. This is my 3rd semester and I am doing really bad.I was in AP for the last 2 semester.I got a mail from university that i have to have gpa 4 otherwise i´ll have to withdraw from my programme.I think I wont able to bring up my GPA to 4, which might end getting kicked out from the university. My High was not in Canada. So I applied from my home country through an agent there. But I am a citizen of Canada. If I get kicked out, do you think i can apply to a university in Toronto as a new student through OUAC, since my agent did not applied through it. So they do not have my records. I asked many, some say it might work, some say it wont.

I know that once you get kicked out you wont able to go to any university for 1 year. One of my friend got kicked out after 2nd semester and now he is in a college. He said he can apply back to same university after 1 semester in college.Though he need to show good grades.

Since it is a long read... You dont need to read the later parts. I am just going to tell the reasons behind my bad grades.

I am international. My English is not good. So I dont know anyone. I am kinda shy taking with them. There are a very few people i know(3 or 4) but they are not close to mine. I cant share my feelings with them.Dont get any help from anyone for my study.People are kinda like racist, ([B]except locals[/B]). I live here all by myself. It´s like a jail for me here.My parents are not even here.The reason I want to go in Toronto is I have a brother there and also 2 friends from back home.I dont my parents to know about my grades, cause its going to be bad for me.Also it would be stupid to say the reasons to them.

Thank You

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Potential Immigrants!! --> Listen up! Canada only wants foreigners to come to their country for the following reasons:

1) Canada needs their money, Canada wants their life savings.

2) Canada needs their slave labor.

3) Canada needs them to come and pay taxes, so that the country can fund their healthcare and social programs.

4) Population growth! The number of deaths in Canada exceeds the number of births, as a result the population is declining.

5) The rest of the world is progressing while Canada remains dormant. To offset this Canada wants the best and brightest to leave their countries and come to Canada.

S. Jerzak
Toronto, Ontario


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