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Subject: Proofreading +Editting
To introduce myself, I am a student in Ontario studying through correspondence. Recently I´ve been approached by an increasing number of friends whom attend various universities and colleges with requests to proofread and edit their work. So far I´ve had no complaints and have recieved many thanks and commendations.

My question to students attending the various universities across Canada is this: If someone (myself, perhaps) were to set up a website, with no professional qualifications, and charge a small fee to any student in need of aid and return quality proofreading and editting via internet, would set person make any money?



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You´re kidding, right? You want to edit and you can´t spell ´editing´?

You can try, but personally I think people would be crazy to pay someone to edit unless it was for a dissertation or Master´s thesis, in which case they should probably look for someone with at least a PhD who knows about editing and has a LOT of writing experience at a high level. Just my two cents


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