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Subject: University Students...With a Mental Disorder??
My name is Courtney and I am in grade eleven currently at a public high school. I am looking to persue a career in Theology once I am older and pass high school. My question for all of you is; how many people at university do you know have a mental disorder? A severe learning one?

I am not stupid compared to the others, nor am I overwhelmingly smart but in my subjects I am above average. I found out earlier this year that I have a certain mental disorder that shelves me as incapable to learn much more in life (my brain capacity is too small and insufficient). My learning value will actually start depreciating meaning that things I already know from school or everyday life will start to slip away. If you met me, you wouldn´t know the difference.

I know that I could get accepted into univeristy - but my question is could I survive it? This is an almost definite ´no!´ since I cannot further my education too much. Where does this leave me in life? How many successful people do you know nowadays that didn´t goto university? I feel that I am quite literally - screwed. Help me, please just give me a few guiding words. When I have a family I want to know that I´ll be able to support them.

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There was one that I knew, however, somehow he managed to finish three years of university.

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You can survive it. Study subjects like theology, english, or philosophy - material where you focus on how you approach and consider it rather than cramming your head full of new information. Once you are enrolled you can approach (or email, if you want to stay anonymous) your professors before classes begin and explain your situation. Tell them you aren´t looking for special consideration but you want to know if their course tends towards memorizing large amounts of information or examines/compares/contrasts fewer issues.

First year classes are usually the ones they throw lots of information at you, the goal being to give you a base of knowledge, and higher year classes usually look at certain topics or angles more indepth. First year will be the most difficult for you. If you can provide medical documentation for your condition you will get extra/private time for exams and probably be allowed to bring in notes.

UofT Accessibility Services offers perhaps the best support in the country. They´ll print any book into braille for a blind student, send an employee to all the classes of a deaf student to take notes, and provide private rooms for people whose disabilities prevent them from writing with everyone else. Consider contacting them and asking what type of allowances you could receive. Even if you end up going to another university it will give you an idea of what type of support to ask for anywhere else.

Good luck and I´m sure you´ll do fine!

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Here´s the website for UofT´s Accessibility Services:


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