Chances for Ryerson MASc grad in EE finding a Job?

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Subject: Chances for Ryerson MASc grad in EE finding a Job?
ok, let´s get it straight i am doing my MASc in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication) in Ryerson U (Rye High) and i have finished my courses , GPA 4.06 out of 4.33 and i am working on my thesis.

What are the chances that i ever find a job with this degree? should i care to look for a job after graduation or should i choose to continue studying and try to get into a better school/ better program which maybe able to get me a job at the end?

I heard Ryerson Reputation is pretty bad among employers.

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Nima - not sure where you heard that reputation. Perhaps you should ask the CEO of Deloitte, or IBM, or Celestica...the list continues. Ryerson (the Ted Rogers School of Management in particular) has build its reputation on practical knowledge and graduates students that are actually ready for the workforce, unlike the other universities located in downtown Toronto (cough, cough). In a recent survey of 500 CEO/CIO/CFO ´s Ryerson was the TOP choice for hiring for careers in business, information technology mangement, hospitality/touism mangement, retail management, engineering (civil, mechanical, electrical, computer, industrial, aerospace, and chemical), social work, nutrition, and computer science.
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Ryerson´s reputation among those who don´t really know much about Ryerson (the critics of course) is underrated. It´s a much newer University than say, UofT, therefore it hasn´t produced nearly as many grads - and we all like to talk big about our accomplishments, in other words, alot more people are braggin´ about their degree´s from UofT than Ryerson. Ryerson is (like the previous post mentions) however seen as a reputable University from many large companies because Ryerson trains its students how to actually do the work, while providing that university theory on the side. As long as you have a technical/professional degree (i.e. engineering, business, or sciences) you won´t have a problem getting a job. Arts degrees..well, that´s a different story. Trust me a Ryerson degree is strong in this city, it may not be from your friend that went to UofT or your rich uncle that taught there (hypothetically speaking) but watch out for when you retire - take a visit to campus and i bet you´ll see big changes, and of course, you´ll start to hear of Ryerson being reputable in the eyes of the once bitter critics. But for now, the employer´s are one´s that know about your skills, and that´s all that matter. Good luck with your career.

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