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Subject: Is Canada a Racist Country? - News - Do 2nd generation immigrants thrive? Some do

October 30, 2007
Nicholas Keung

The common belief that second-generation immigrants always fare better than those before and after them is only half true.

While second-generation women are more likely to be employed with higher earnings, a new Statistics Canada study found that their male counterparts do not share the same fortune from the generation?s high educational attainment.

In fact, among young men born in Canada to two immigrant parents, visible minorities are doing "markedly" worse and earning less than same-age young men of native-born parents.

The study compared the earnings of second-generation Canadians to peers with Canadian-born parents from 1996 to 2004. It tracked their family characteristics, educational level and geographical distribution.

"Challenges associated with the integration of immigrants often extend beyond the first generation," wrote study author Boris Palameta.

The study found second-generation women and men had 14.6 and 13.8 years of education respectively, above and beyond the first and third generations. Their median earnings were $15.92 an hour for women and $14.12 an hour for men.

The gain for the second-generation women could be attributed to their access to better-paying jobs in major urban centres, as well as their delayed marriage and childbirth, the paper suggested.

The sandwiched generation does better than the next one "because they are not totally assimilated and they still retain the goals and commitment to improving their lives, and thus their educational aspiration," said University of Toronto sociology professor Jeffrey Reitz.

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I am an immigrant and i have a masters degree from a canadian university, yet i should look for 10 bucks an hour jobs
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Didn´t your Master´s degree require you to be literate?

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