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Subject: Schulich vs Ryerson vs UTM
So i basically applied to Schulich [BBA program], Ryerson [Ted Rogers School of Business], and University of Toronto Mississauga [Businesss Management].
Im pretty much confused where to go.
Schulich is my first choice ofcourse cause of the name and stuff but like my only concern is whether it will be reallyyyyyyyyyyy hard since everyone there is really smart!
Also, if i don´t get into Schulich
i have to choose between RYERSON or UTM for business.

ANY SUGGESTIONS? please and ty :)

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If you can hold a fork, you can go to York.

Don´t go to Schulick!

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The answer is simple. If you want hands-on practical experience that will translate into a business environment go to the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson. If you want theory and tons of inapplicable experience go to UTM or York.

Ted Rogers donated $20M to Ryerson because it´s a high quality, reputable school that IT companies, government, NGOs and private firms actually seek.

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oh thanks Derek!
do you currently go to Ryerson?
you are promoting it really well! lol
but i also read somewhere how ryerson doesn´t have that great of a reputation among employers???
AND if you graduate from UTM you get a job right away because of the name "uni of toronto"

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Im a Schulich student, and ill be honest with you.

UTM´s management is harder than our program, i have a few friends in that program, it is also getting BBA designation this year, and basically at UofT you arent IN THE PROGRAM until after first year is over and you apply to it. So it is MUCH easier to get into Schulich than UTM because its easy to get a 90 % avg in high school compared to a B+ in first year university.

utm´s bba is highly under-rated i think and i think it will pickup over the next few years especially since their management specialist is gonna be bba

If you wanna goto an easier school, Schulich isn´t that hard , trust me. Id goto schulich or UTM

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whoa thanks for all the feedback you guys
im really thankful =)
i guess this cuts it down to schulich and utm then!


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