Ryerson wins 2008 MBA games

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Subject: Ryerson wins 2008 MBA games
Ryerson beat Rotman, Schuluich, DeGroote, Queen´s, and 10 other Canadian universities to win the 2008 MBA games. Not only that, but since the program is new the tuition is cheap. It is only like $12K, compared to Rotman which is around 40K. Recruiters are seeking ´Ryerson experience´ because they have professors that actually worked in industry with valuable perspective. I would go before the tuition rises. Now that it is the best MBA school (as per its recent win over the competitors) I would get in soon before its tuition is matched with the likes of Rotman and Schulich.
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Do you work for the Ted Rogers School of Management?
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the business school is called Ted Rogers? wtf is ted rogers? that´s a really classy name! get rid of the ´ted´, please...you might be taken more seriously then.
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Rotman is pricing itself right out of the market. The cheaper Rye equivalent works just as well, at a fraction of the price. Now that´s what I call smart shopping.
So you ask who Ted Roger's is??? (in reply to: Ryerson wins 2008 MBA games)
I´m sorry...but did you actually ask that question?
Who is it that you pay your cable bill to? Okay whatever you might not have ROGERS cable but FYI: Ted Roger´s is (obviously) the man who started Roger´s Communications. Ryerson´s business school includes his name because he donated $15 million to the faculty.


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