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Well I applied to The Schulich School of Business
and my major concern is that it will be REALLYYYY hard and i will end up having no social life besides books.
So can someone tell me what it really is like please?
How hard is it? Is everyone really competitive and fighting for marks? How many people end up dropping out? Do many fail? And how does the bell curve system work cause I heard they bell curve a lot to maintain their ´prestige´

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If you can hold a fork, you can go to York!
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schulich = 90%+ average
you can´t do that while holding a fork.
maybe for the other york programs YES definately
its really easy to get into
but Schulich NOPE

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I can get a 90 average in high school while holding a fork
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Schulich is a really hard program I´m not going to lie. I have two friends who were accepted into it. One dropped out after first year because she was getting 60s and the other is still in the program and tearing out her hair, yet she loves it.

It all depends on if you liek Business or not, if you do you will thrive, if you don´t then you won´t. It´s that simple. But yes, you will be working extremely hard.


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