McMaster or UOttawa?

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Subject: McMaster or UOttawa?
Recently got accepted at UOttawa and Mac for social sciences (poli sci) Which school would be better in terms of...

Quality of education
Campus life
Off-campus life
Post-university prospects (ie Law School)

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Quality of Education: Ottawa, as political science is its specialty and the convenience of being in a government run city for CO-OP is great. Also, many of the professors do actual research for politicians and government departments.

Campus life - Ottawa U is known as a concrete campus and not so much for having a campus life. Mcmaster has that small town campus feel, and has some really nice scenery. Also, the pedestrian only campus is a nice touch.

Off-campus life - Mcmaster has a student ghetto in the Westdale area involving allot of bickering between permanent residents and students. uOttawa has a more peaceful neighbourhood with nicer housing, but less social life.

Post-university prospects (ie Law School)- All that matters is your GPA and your EC´s as well as LSAT... no preference is given to any particular school


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