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Subject: Business - U of T or McMaster?
I´m a grade 12 student with good enough marks in school (87% average in my 6 already completed 12U courses). I applied to U of T, McMaster, Wilfrid Laurier, and Ryerson for Commerce/Business Admin (depending on the school) as well as Hospitality and Tourism Management at Ryerson University.
So far I´ve been accepted to Ryerson (both programs), Wilfrid Laurier and McMaster.
U of T has always been my first choice, but as I do more and more research it seems that U of T students are not entirely satisfied with the University experience (large class sizes, limited prof interaction, general dissatisfaction among other things) and am beginning to lean towards McMaster.
Any information on the Mac and U of T business programs would be appreciated (2nd year retention, which grads are valued more, etc). I´m especially worried about going to U of T and having absolutley no life on account of the Commerce program being brutal.
Lengthly post, I know, sorry... any info/comments would be appreciated.

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For business and commerce, I would choose Laurier over Mcmaster.
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WLU has an amazing business program.
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I honestly didn´t like the Laurier campus very much... I have heard positive things about their business program. But to me it seems like an inferior university compared to the others (mac and u of t anyways)... Is there promise in the McMaster program at all?
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doesn´t matter because when you are done you are put in the same pool as all the other schools looking for jobs.

get an accounting designation instead. you will be better off

facts are facts


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