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Subject: UBC Applied Science Admission Minimum (cutoff)
Well I applied to UBC and SFU Faculty of Applied Science (Engineering) in November 2007. I just got the admission from SFU based on my Term 1 self report, which was 85.5%. However UBC would evaluate my Term 2 average, which was, sadly, 85%. So I´m wondering what the approximate cutoff GPA of UBC Engineering is. What was it in the previous years, and what´s it gonna be this year.

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Hi, i just got a conditional offer from by self-report a couple of days ago. My average is 83.75. I haven´t gotten a paper letter yet buy a friend of my has 83.25 and got into UBC Bachelor for applied science for a conditional of 67% if u can believe it. My two other friends got into science with 86 and 88.5 with conditional also at 67%.
Hope that helped


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