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Subject: Which university? Queens. York, Western, Laurier
I am an international student from South Africa that is coming to Canada in the fall to study. I have been accepted to economics programs in the following ontario universities. Please help me decide.
what i gather from the schools are:

Queens- really great reputation but more science based university and sits in a dull and culturally bland part of ontario. great party scene though.

York- great university in social sciences but is very large and the reputation is not as high as queens. very diverse and international population.

Western- decent university close to toronto, performs well in all subjects but has a shaky reputation in Canada because of a weak student body and large party scene. not sure about economics at this university. Have a partial scholarship to Huron University College, so this is a major support.

Laurier- not very sure about this one, as it is small and not many people know about the university. What i gather is that it is near Toronto and is strong for business, but generally not a top performer. Also have a partial scholarship at the univeristy.

Please give me your feedback. I am uncertain and a decision must be made ASAP. I am leaning towards Queens or York but will appreciate any assistance. In my city, the Canadian universities that everyone talks about are the typical one: McGill, Toronto U, York U, Queens U, UBC and Waterloo, but will want to know about the rest.


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hey man, i have onyl been to queens, but let me tell you about queens. it isnt really a science based university. the commerce program is amazing (according to who you look at its rated 7th in the world and the highest in canada).
also kingston isnt a bland place. ill admit it isnt the nicest city ever, but it certainly isnt culturally bland.
also what you cannot experience without going to queens is the sense of community and what a great environment it is. and its like that all the time, on any given weekend its great time. the environment alone will help you succeed.
like i said i cant say n e thing about the other places, but i can tell you queens is amazing.

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In this order, go to:

dont bother with laurier, it wont get you a job internationally.

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Dude above me...

Honestly.. Laurier has one of the best business degrees in Canada.

Honours Bachelor of Business Administration is a very well known international degree.

I am from Toronto myself and I currently attend Laurier for HBBA. It is highly competitive and 40% of students in first year don´t make it to second year because they either drop out or do not make requirements to go onto second year.

laurier is an amazing atmosphere, and there is another university next to it and 2 colleges, so lack of people and entertainment/nightlife is not scarce.

I want to pursue an international career and I choose laurier over the other business programs I got into ex. U of T, McMaster, Queens, York, Carleton, and Ryerson.

**reminder.. York Schulichs degree is BBA.. Laurier´s is HBBA, honours programs are supose to be 5 years, laurier allows you to do it in 4. The difference is major. Except if you got into iBBA at York schulich.. then I suggest you go to York.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the info, but i already rejected the offer from laurier and now its a toss up with queens and york. i am leaning towards queens, but people are selling york alot for its international setting, which is a plus as i am international.
for the last post, i am not doing a sulich degree?! its economics, so i guess its an honors degree that takes 4 years in economics and minor in international development. york offers the international development minor but queens does not so its still a toss up. i am not going to live or work in canada after i graduate, i want to move back to SA so i guess having a university that has an ´international reputation´ is better, than going to one of the ´canadian´ uni´s such as laurier.
what i gather is that mcgill, toronto, york, ubc and queens are the international schools that attract alot of kids of diplomats, international course and languages, and foreign students.
keep me in the loop.
soon to be a canadian resident. cheers.


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