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Subject: Queens or McGill
Hey everyone,
I am not sure where to go! i have the marks to get into both schools. i applied biochem at queens and arts and science at mcgill.
my sister goes to queens, and i have spent a couple weekends there. i love the environment at queens, i love the people, and i love how tightly knit the campus is. the bar scene is soo good. i went to a couple house parties and they were awesome too. i felt socially accepted there, as if i could walk up to any girl in a bar and just start having a conversation. the people were really nice too.
I have never been to mcgill, but i am aware of its prestige nd academic rigours. being as it was rated canada´s #1 (mcleans) university its been getting a lot of press lately. i am worried about going to mcgill and not having that sense of community and spirit. i am also worried about not having a fun time. i have never been to montreal, but from my research the campus looks very tight knit and close together.
Both are very highly academically reknowned,but i think i want to work internationally, and i think mcgill is a bit better for that.
Basically i had an amazing time at queens, but i think i want to go to mcgill. im afrad that if i go to mcgill that i wont have as much fun (being well balanced and having fun is important to me).
I am torn between the two, and i dont know what to do.
If anyone could give me some perspective on the mcgill social life, and school spirit that´d be awesome, and if anyone from queens wants to express why they think they are at a great place please respond.

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what? you´re afraid of not having fun in montreal? have you ever visited mcgill campus? it´s right in the heart of downtown montreal! there are so many places to explore and a wide variety of different types of cuisine and entertainment.

do you like big cities though? it is convenient to be situated so close to everything, and having most things within walking distance, but at the same time you don´t have that quietness you get from smaller cities. the only downside is that since it is situated right downtown, there is limited space to expand. the choices for residence are not that great. montreal is a beautiful city, but be prepared for potentially cold (and slippery) winters!

i´m in my last year of a science undergraduate degree at mcgill and i have to say i´ve really enjoyed my 4 years here. they have a really strong science undergraduate program -- congrats on getting accepted! be prepared to be challenged though.

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I´m having the same dilemma as you.

I´ve always wanted to go to McGill but now I´m sort of scared that it won´t meet up to my expectations; and it seems like if I go to Queen´s, it´s guaranteed to be fun + academic at the same time and not without prestige.

I want a chance to work internationally as well and McGill does carry that brand name a little more at the moment, but at the same time I hear all these rumours about how their rep is slowly but surely falling apart..

My heart says McGill, my head says Queen´s. Ahhh. But seriously, we can´t go wrong with either schools right?

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i dont know much about Mcgill. Im guessing its probably a little more reputable. I went to Queens and its exactly what you think it is. A giant neighbourhood and downtown basically of students. everything you could possibly need is within 10-15 minutes. I can tell you that it starts to feel like home really quickly and the ghetto is such a great place to live even though the houses suck. People from queens are all very smart, well rounded, like to get involved, and love to party.

You should definitely consider which stream of engineering you´re going in. personally i feel like queens would be better for undergraduate, but now i want to do masters in a big city

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oh never mind your not in engineering.
biochem is very good at queens they have a bunch of brand new facilities its a pretty challenging program.


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