Valery Fabrikant's sexually coercive behavior

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Subject: Valery Fabrikant's sexually coercive behavior
Have students in Universities been aware not only of Valery Fabrikant´s shootings, but his forcible sexually behavior towards students? The gruesome psychopath said to a few students that he would slash their throats if they refused to let him remove their bras and touch their breasts. He also made other sexual advances in exchange for academic credits. Being a crazy sicko, he was also obsessed with molesting children as young as 6 or 7 years of age. He would draw many pencil-on-paper sketches of himself sleeping nude with children, saying he just enjoyed looking at them, was turned on, and felt he had ´power´ over children, being very big and tall, and impressing children of his looks. He said he would ´never´ want to show them to children. All this is based on was students in his class in the 1980´s have told me. What do you think of this gruesome, deranged sicko?
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