RCMP sued for Systemic Discrimination

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Subject: RCMP sued for Systemic Discrimination

Ex-RCMP cadet wins discrimination case

The Canadian Press

April 16, 2008 at 2:40 PM EDT

TORONTO ? An ex-RCMP cadet who claimed he was rejected from the force because of discrimination should be admitted back into the training program and be compensated for his suffering.

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled in favour Wednesday of Ali Tahmourpour, a 33-year-old Muslim who dreams of being a Mountie.

The Tribunal ordered the RCMP to pay up for lost wages and pain and suffering.

The police force was also ordered to take steps to improve its policies related to visible minorities and beef up its cultural sensitivity training.
Former RCMP cadet Ali Tahmourpour is seen in this 2005 file photo.
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Former RCMP cadet Ali Tahmourpour is seen in this 2005 file photo. (Kevin Van Paassen/The Globe and Mail)
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Mr. Tahmourpour, who was born in Iran, says he was harassed as a cadet at a Mountie training academy in Regina in 1999.

He complained a superior officer made comments about a pendant he wore as a symbol of his faith.

He had completed just 14 of his 22 weeks of training before he was terminated.

Mr. Tahmourpour´s complaint was initially dismissed by both the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Federal Court of Canada. Mr. Tahmourpour then took his case to the Federal Court of Appeal which ruled in 2005 in favour of a new investigation into his complaint.

The tribunal was ordered to include consideration of RCMP statistics which Mr. Tahmourpour obtained under federal access to information legislation. He concluded that the statistics show visible minorities accounted for 11 per cent of RCMP recruits between 1996 and 2001, but made up 23 per cent of the rejections during that period.

Mr. Tahmourpour told the Federal Court of Appeal there was ?systemic discrimination? against visible minorities in the RCMP. At the time, the RCMP denied his allegations, saying Mr. Tahmourpour was simply not Mountie material.

He also told the court that instead of treating his request to wear the pendant during fitness classes respectfully, a sergeant told the class in a ?condescending and hostile? manner that ?no one is going to wear his religious jewelry, except for Ali, of course.?

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good for canada´s legal system ensuring fairness for everyone. You don´t see that in UAE, that´s for sure!
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Serves them right, those rednecks at the RCMP.

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May seem unfair, but if the would-be mountie isn´t accepted by his mates, maybe he won´t fit in on the job either.

He (and the RCMP) had better find him a good fit somewhere once he graduates. With each other lives in their hands, you can´t screw something like this up for the sake of multicultural tolerance (I am also a visible minority). Resolve it NOW.

Harsh reality.


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