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Subject: YouTube video in PowerPoint and PowerPoint to You

As an expert of sharing PowerPoint on most popular media, I have been asked by lots of people about how to embed a YouTube video into a PowerPoint slide and how to share a PowerPoint presentation on YouTube. I want to take the chance to write an article to help people who want PowerPoint and YouTube to get married. I will introduce a way of embedding a YouTube video into PowerPoint presentation in the first part of this article. You will learn how to upload a PowerPoint presentation on YouTube in the second part.

Part one: Embedding YouTube video into the PowerPoint presentations

YouTube video is encoded in FLV format, while PowerPoint just accepts Mpeg, AVI, MOV and WMV video files. So we must convert the FLV format to Mpeg, AVI, MOV or WMV formats. There are two ways for you to convert it.

The first way is using the Online FLV Converter You can directly paste the YouTube video URL in the blank, choose the format you like and then click start, after the conversion finished, download it to your computer and then you can insert the video in your PowerPoint presentation.

This tool is totally free but it is very slow and sometimes it can not finish the conversion because of some error information. Hope you are lucky!

The second way is using some professional tool like YouTube downloader. This tool can help you download the YouTube video and convert it. When you open a YouTube video, it can download the video automatically. You can find it at Open YouTube downloader, then main interface shows (see the illustration below). Click the ??+?? button to paste your YouTube URL in the blank, and then click OK.

After you finishing downloading you can see your video in the left ??categories??. Click ??play?? to view the downloaded video. But the most important thing we must do is converting our FLV video. Now click ??Convert?? and choose a proper format. AVI and WMV are recommended.

Save the converted file to you computer, then you can embed YouTube video to PowerPoint presentation now!

Another way to show your YouTube video on your PowerPoint presentation is give a link in your presentation but it has a limitation of your network connection. When you play your presentations you must connect to the Internet.

Part two: PowerPoint to YouTube

You may have gorgeous photo albums or business presentations created by PowerPoint that want to be shared online. Now you need PowerPoint to YouTube to convert PowerPoint presentation to video clips ready for YouTube or MySpace. Here I also introduce two ways for you to make a reference.

Using Windows Movie Maker (WMM). It??s free and it comes installed on XP and Vista. In your PowerPoint program save your presentation as JEPG format and then you can make a movie with WMM. You can also insert some transitions and sounds into it to make your movie more dynamic. But the disadvantage is the animations and sound synchronizations originally exist in your presentation will be discarded completely. If your presentation does not contain animations and transitions and sound, WMM is competent in doing this job. But if not, here??s the second way for you.

Using PPT to YouTube. You will find it at It is more convenient and easy to create compelling video presentations with PowerPoint to YouTube with this little creature. Here is the guide.

Step 1: Download PPT to YouTube and install it.
Step 2: Click "Import file" button to load PowerPoint files

Step 3: Click "Format" box to set the output formats, you can choose MP4 or WMV format

Step4: Click "Start" button to start converting.
Step5: Upload your video PowerPoint Presentation to YouTube

With these tips I hope you can go freely between the PowerPoint and YouTube. Any other suggestions are welcome.

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