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Subject: York or Ryerson
Got accepted to York- Economics and Ryerson- business Management (I live in Toronto)
i was wondering which program would be better in terms of job finding and also which school is better in terms of campuses and students?

Steven B
York or Ryerson (in reply to: York or Ryerson)
You should go to York if you´re more interested in campus and student life. Ryerson´s pretty small compared to the other Universities in Toronto and I´ve found that 1st year at Ryerson is like High School. There are some that don´t take the school the school seriously but they´re usually kicked out by 2nd year... they´re the ones that act like the stupid teenagers you see on the streets and give Ryerson the rep of being a ´high school´ (see: Rye-High)

But in terms of education and jobs, I would choose Ryerson because of the practicality of the program. I can´t speak for York because I´ve never taken any courses at that University but at Ryerson, most of the courses are practical and could be applied directly to the field you´re persuing. I´m in my senior year at Ryerson and have already had a couple non-crappy summer jobs. (I was a business analyst and planning analyst at a bank and government office.) They were ´non-crappy´ jobs because I was actually using crap I learned in University in my daily responsibilities.

But if you´re planning to get a masters or a professional designation, it doesnt matter which University you go to since both lead to the same end result.

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What was your specialization in the Ryerson BComm?

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