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Subject: UBC or uOttawa?

I am a high school graduate entering my first year in University in the Fall ´08.

I´ve been accepted to both Ottawa U and UBC trying to do a double major in Poli Sci and Economics.

Can anyone help me with a comparison of the two universities, or advice, or anything? It can be from the quality of education to student life.

Cost is a major factor as I will be living at home if I go to UBC.

If it helps I´ve been accepted to the Joint Honours program in French immersion for Poli Sci and Economics at Ottawa, but it isn´t a very reputable university. On the other hand, UBC´s been ranked as one of the top three universities in Canada.

Thanks for your help

University of Ottawa (in reply to: UBC or uOttawa?)
I would recommend the University of Ottawa if you pursue a career in government for the following reasons:

- If you participate in the CO-OP program you will be in the heart of a government city (plenty of related jobs)to gain marketable skills once you graduate
- Many of the professors have worked in government and many are still working in government and bring that experience into the classroom
- Ottawa is the political center of Canada, and will allow you to participate in current events and protests, etc (if that matters at all)
- Also, you will be able to take French courses on a pass/fail basis that you earn credit for and does not affect your overall GPA

Ottawa is the best undergraduate government career school.

If you do not pursue a career in government, then UBC has a stronger overall reputation and is generally conceived as the more prestigious of the two universities.

David Stovoesky

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