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Subject: Question about laptops in university
Hi, I´m going to be starting university in the fall and I have a laptop, but I was wondering if most people bring their laptops to class to take notes, or if the majority just write notes out by hand and just use their laptops for assignments, projects, etc?
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Pretty much a lot of ppl have laptops in uni. Depends on the program you´re taking. If you take math courses, it´s harder to write notes on your laptop. Many students esp. in science courses have them.

But if you´re in a small class of 10 people, then your typing might annoy those around you considering the tight space and acoustics from hitting the keyboard. But in larger classes, you can have 20% or more having laptops.

Some classrooms have tables that have outlets so all students can plug stuff in. The only problems with other classrooms is that it´s harder to find an outlet and you might have to go earlier than usual to save yourself a seat next to it. I personally don´t like typing my notes, but if you´re one of those that do, then do for it!


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