Mcgill,concordia, Ecole polytechnic de montreal???

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Subject: Mcgill,concordia, Ecole polytechnic de montreal???
i want to know which of the university in Quebec has more reputation in engineering?
In Compare between Concordia and Polytechnic Montreal, which one is better in Engineering?

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It´s hard to say. McGill is more theoretical (and on average more selective), they don´t take part in too many of the provincial competitions and don´t have co-op programs. It´s still a very good program, with a lot of heavy studying. On the other hand Montreal and Concordia have coop programs and it´s a little bit more hands-on, since eng. is a terminal degree, I´d prefer those. For recruitment, McGill is fantastic, but Montreal has much better relations with the big Quebecois companies, like Bombardier. And is often ranked first or second (nationally) in funding.
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