Which university to choose for MBA?

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Subject: Which university to choose for MBA?
Hi folks,
Im in the middle of shortlisting colleges to apply for an MBA, and i had UBC as the only one in mind at Canada, which was living upto my expectations.... No offence, but i have seen folks with my profile rejected outta univs ranked higher than Sauder. Now with the economic meltdown and the remote location of the college, im a bit perplexed to choose btw UBC and Concordia.

+ves - Amazing school, ranked in forbes and FT and great city to study at - Vancouver
-ves - Remote location, need to travel to toronto for every job fair and its a 15 month program not giving suff time for the economy to build up

Concordia -
+ves - Got a Co-Op program, Heart centre of Canada, and finds internships for consulting aspirants and holds the international case studies seminar.

-ves - ranked well below UBC, and the huge -ve fights i have seen in this forum.

I got a engg background with 3 yr work ex, and a 600 GMAT.
Aspiration - Business Consultant

PS: Since most of the folks are looking for some info, please let us have a constructive discussion helping out MBA-Aspirants.
Thank u


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