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Subject: Engineering School Ranking: November
Top Canadian schools for Engineering:
November 2008

1. University of Western Ontario
2. Dalhousie University
3. University of Ottawa
4. Université Laval
5. University of New Brunswick
University of Manitoba
6. Université de Sherbrooke7
7. University of Windsor
8. Memorial University of Newfoundland
9. Ryerson University
10. Simon Fraser University
11. University of Ontario Institute of Technology
12Université de Moncton
12. University of Toronto
12. University of Waterloo
13. McGill University
14. University of British Columbia
15. University of Alberta
16. University of Saskatchewan
17. University of Calgary
18. Université de Montréal
19. Queen’s University
20. McMaster University
21 ConcordiaUniversity
22. Carleton University
23. University of Victoria

The Universities have been ranked by several indicators of academic and research performance, highly cited researchers, papers published in Engineering, field prizes, articles indexed in major citation indices, reputation, graduate employability, size of faculty, and the future plans to expand.

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Go Laval.
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Where did u get this ranking? UofT is a way better school for engineering than Dalhousie!!!
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yeah right, this is some lame joke.

windsor better than queens, waterloo, mcgill, toronto

are you effed?

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Please provide us with a link of this survey, because I am curious as to see how they calculated it and what the remaining list is like.

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