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Subject: UBC or U of T...?
Hi, I am a high school student (in Vancouver) deciding where to apply for university in Canada. My goal is to get a BSc (in biochemistry) and apply for Med School.

I am deciding between UT and UBC for undergrad. My questions are:

Which one will provide me with a better research experience?
(ie. which one has a stronger emphasis on undergrad research? The quality of facilities?)

Which one has a stronger science department (esp. undergrad level)?

Is it worth the money to study out of province? (ie. to get a new experience, learn a new culture, etc.) I know that, for first year, I will be about 10k in debt for UT, but get about 2k of spending money for UBC from scholarship.

I also know that some Med Schools in the US require a year of undergrad study in the states, and UBC offers more study exchange opportunities (to the states) than UT.

Thanks for any input.

Blue Sky
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Go to UBC, UofT can be your backup as it accepts 90.12% of students who apply.

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