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Subject: rankings
What are the 15 largest universities in Canada?
(total enrollment, undergrad + grad)

Dave DeHuff
me 2 (in reply to: rankings)
good question but to answer this question about 15 Canadian Universities would be a research not just simple answer.

Personally I don´t know but if anyone could contribute I would like to find out more.

Jerry C

(in reply to: rankings)
i am not sure but i believe that UofT, UBC, York, McGill, UWO, Montreal and Ottawa are among the largest in canada.
I love Canada (in reply to: rankings)
what about University of Waterloo? How good does it rank and what kind of campus/town it has? How much students especially?
McGill -no need for rankings (in reply to: rankings)
McGill is the best university in Canada hands down! No questions asked, and this is justified by the fact that all our students are the best!
Jane Pierre
(in reply to: rankings)
Toronto has a very long standing reputation and so does McGill. These two were once the powerhouses of Canadian education - Toronto more so than McGill because it has always been the richer, more popular university. Although McGill has a slightly higher entrance average than Toronto in recent years (this wasn´t the case in 2002), it is also a much smaller school that receives less than half as many applications. MacLeans has shown that when numbers are factored in, Toronto still has about three times as many high achivers (those entering with 90%+) as McGill. And in terms of operating budget, Toronto is about twice as well endowed, so McGill still has alot of catching up to do in this regard.
(in reply to: rankings)
You must be the typical example of an arrogant McGill student. Good thing I chose not to attend McGill.
(in reply to: rankings)

Don´t hate me cause I go to McGill. Hate me because going to McGill makes me BETTER than you.


(in reply to: rankings)
You sir are a fine example of an idiot.
(in reply to: rankings)
or any other decent program for that matter.

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