Waterloo Canada

Waterloo Canada
Waterloo Canada - Courthouse
Waterloo Canada
Waterloo Canada - Uptown
Waterloo is centrally located in the heart of southwestern Ontario, Canada with population of 110,800.

The City of Waterloo is a dynamic, leading edge community that is committed to the future of the Nation. By any modern performance measurement, Waterloo has cutting edge credentials, combining innovation and creativity with stability that fosters economic growth. Well known in the young crowd due to it's strong (one of the best) Universities in Canada as well as in North America.

Being part of Canada’s Technology Triangle, Waterloo has the best of both worlds. Surrounded by green farmland, the City is a modern, vigorous community with a lively and entrepreneurial business sector.

Accomodation in Waterloo
The City of Waterloo offers this area as information only for those visiting Waterloo for business or pleasure. This is not an endorsement by the City of establishments listed here, rather a community service to assist you in finding accommodation during your stay. Learn more about: Bed and Breakfast or Hotel and Motel accomodations.

Waterloo is a mecca for the arts and culture enthusiast with galleries, studios, museums and festivals at every turn. Explore the world renowned Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery located on Caroline Street, during your visit to Waterloo.
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Waterloo Canada Links:
  • City of Waterloo Official web site - www.city.waterloo.on.ca
  • Brubacher House Museum - http://grebel.uwaterloo.ca/aboutgrebel/bruhouse.shtml
  • Waterloo Business Direstory - www.city.waterloo.on.ca/forms/businesssearch.aspx
  • Univeristy of Waterloo - www.uwaterloo.ca
  • Waterloo Region District School Board - www.wrdsb.on.ca/
  • Waterloo Transit - www.grt.ca/web/transit.nsf/fmFrontPage?openform
  • Waterloo Public Library - www.wpl.ca/

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